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Quality of product and service delivery sits at the heart of the Cadence business model


Cadence Property Group is a specialist property development & advisory group focused on the Australian industrial and logistics sectors. Cadence provides innovative, practical and hands on property solutions for its clients - tenants, owner occupiers, investors and partners. Quality of product and service delivery sits at the heart of the Cadence business model.

Combining in-house development and project management teams with an integrated design & construct division, Cadence is uniquely resourced to deliver a full range of acquisition, development and construction solutions, to ensure that all stages of the process are managed to the highest standard.

Cadence has a deep understanding of all facets of the property and construction process and considerable experience in the financial assessment, planning, design, construction and delivery of commercial and industrial projects.

From the development and marketing of an entire business park to the design and construction of purpose built facilities, Cadence maintains a highly customer driven approach and prides itself on its intimate product and market knowledge.



Cadence specialises in the development of pre-leased facilities, designed and constructed to our client’s specific requirements and business needs.

Each client’s operational, financial and geographical requirements are analysed to develop a tailored solution that suits the specific needs of the business.

Through our integrated business structure, we ensure that all aspects of the design and delivery are closely controlled with special consideration to quality, programme, budget and functionality.


Cadence has the capacity to deliver purpose built facilities for owner occupiers as either a land and building package, or a turnkey subject to the specific needs of our clients.

The decision for a business to purchase their own purpose built facility is one that requires significant consideration and analysis to ensure that it fulfils both the operational and investment objectives of the business.

Cadence is ideally equipped to work through these objectives, applying a holistic approach through our integrated development team and design and construct division.


The master planning and development of commercial and industrial business parks sits at the core of the Cadence model.

By maintaining a strong land holding through both direct ownership and partnerships with land owners, we can offer our clients greater geographical diversity and certainty in delivery.

Our business parks provide opportunities to a vast cross-section of occupiers from small local businesses to larger national and multinational corporations.


Cadence can provide third party development management services throughout all stages of the development process, including individual projects that span over a 6-18 month timeline and/or multi-staged developments with timelines that stretch over a number of years.

By leveraging off our vast internal resources and development experience, we are able to provide clients with a truly holistic development management service to achieve and surpass all project objectives.


Acquisition, development and investment analysis is the foundation of any successful property venture and the basis on which key decisions are made.

Through a combination of intimate market knowledge, experience, research, intuition and in-depth analysis, Cadence is able to advise on acquisitions, development and investment opportunities to assist in our client’s and partner’s decision making process.


Cadence strongly believes in the synergies and value associated with effective joint venture arrangements and their applications within the property sector.

We continue to actively seek joint venture and partnership opportunities with likeminded groups and individuals in order to generate mutually advantageous outcomes.



Integrating internal design and construction, project management and development management, Cadence maintains a diverse and highly adaptable team. This allows us to streamline the development and construction process and maintain a high degree of control and quality assurance throughout all stages of development.


At Cadence we ensure that all tasks are undertaken in a professional and comprehensive manner. We pride ourselves on the professionalism associated with our service delivery, quality of product, communication and presentation. This principle is applied to all areas of the business without compromise and is a key driver for major decision making.

Hands On

When you deal with Cadence you will be dealing with directors or key decision makers. This eliminates protracted decision making and approval processes and ensures a greater level of accountability and experience is applied to the project. In short, the buck stops with us.


The Cadence team is highly experienced within the industrial and logistics sector and is comprised of a diverse grouping of skilled individuals. Drawing on the team’s multidisciplinary experiences, we ensure all projects are conscious of the common mistakes of the past, but cognitive of the opportunities that lie in the future.


Cadence approaches all projects in a creative and innovative manner to ensure the most efficient and effective solution is achieved for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to look outside the box to fit in with our clients operational, financial, location and investment requirements, approaching all projects with this in mind.

Market knowledge

Intimate market knowledge and strong local relationships are fundamental to the Cadence way of doing business. We promote a highly research focused approach through all levels of the business and limit our operations to those areas in which we have a comprehensive understanding. We strongly believe that the foundation to any project begins at understanding the local market and the people within it.


  • Cadence was responsive and attentive to our specific requirements. Their thorough knowledge of the complexities of these types of facilities was quickly recognised by us, and made the negotiation and design of the facility layout a very straightforward process.

    • Mark Byrne – Director
    • Equimax Property Solutions (Tenant Representative for Visa Global)
  • We had very specific requirements with regards to our building layout and the operational functionality of the facility both current and into the future. Cadence delivered a design that not only responded to our brief but ultimately expanded on our requirements to create a facility that is now considered one of our best worldwide.

    • Sheryl Richardson - Project Manager
    • Vermeer Australia
  • We were very impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness shown by Cadence when addressing our property requirement. Cadence was able to provide practical solutions to any issues identified throughout the design process and always responded in a timely manner.

    • Frank Guerra - General Manager, Freight Forwarding & Logistics
    • Agility Logistics
  • Cadence was very easy to do business with – negotiating directly with the decisions makers meant any issues were resolved quickly and in a practical manner.

    • Joe Bartolo – Managing Director
    • Conset & Civilex